My GitHub
  • Android RTS Game

    Heavily refactored version of the Android game that was built from scratch. An ongoing architectural experiment. It is multi-threaded and uses a custom built entity-component system that uses Java reflection.

  • Shadow classes

    CSS encapsulation via shadow dom.

  • Pitch wheel

    (Work in progress) Musical note frequency visualizer to see the relations of notes in a chord. This visualizer helps instantly spot all inversions of a chord. It is not limited to 12 temperaments. Eventually I will update this so it will show all chord triads including major, minor, diminished, augmented.

  • Node NeuralNet

    Neural network implemented in javascript. Mix Rectified Linear units, Bias units, Sigmoidal units, in configurable number of layers.

    Trainable with backpropagation including momentum and dropout methods.

  • Android Game Based Off Anime

    A simulation of units clashing and dying like shown in an anime.

  • Long form blog

    A blog implementation using a Django-backed RESTful API and AngularJS.

    • Git-like revision tracking for English compositions
    • Users can post on individual sentences recursively

  • SVM

    Fun with Support Vector Machines! Uses libsvm to classify colored points...

  • Proposition

    Using Javascript client side models to represent Django side models. My first time touching RESTful APIs.


    A Django website with responsive layout.

  • Interactive Water in OpenGL (Download)

    A simplified water simulation in immediate-mode OpenGL that is interactive. Clicking on the water lets you create splashes. Implemented in C++ using Visual Studio 2010, A compilation exists in the Debug folder

  • Dead Ones Game (Download)

    A school project with some friends! Barely works as a "game." Press (Ctrl?)1,2,3 to change levels. Clicking lets you shoot and WASD lets you move. If you die the game crashes :). Painfully implemented in C++ / Lua.

  • Dead Ones Game Source Code (Download)

    Source code for a school project. Learned some things about memory pools. Implemented AI as inspired by the famous autonomous agent behavior paper.